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Basic tutorial for Dreamweaver CS5 – PDF Free Download.

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Since all the pages on your website will share a common layout, placing all the information about the layout into a single file avoids needless duplication of information, saving you disk space and bandwidth, and speeding up the loading of your web pages if your users visit multiple pages on your website. Click the “Save” button in that dialog box. By default, Dreamweaver creates your web page in what is known as the “Split” mode.

In this mode, your web page as it appears in a real web browser is shown on the right side. This visually pleasing portion is called the “Design” mode in Dreamweaver. The left side shows the underlying “raw” code for your website.

If you do not see this “Split” mode, but only see the visually pleasing version of your website the “Design” mode , or just the seemingly gibberish text of the “Code” mode, don’t worry. We are about to standardise the display mode for everyone. No matter what you see on the screen, whether it’s the “Split” mode I described earlier or some other mode, click “View Design” from the menu.

The cryptic text of the “Code” mode split screen should disappear, and the entire window should now be filled with the your web page as it appears in a web browser the “Design” portion.

Note that you must take this step if you wish to follow this tutorial series, since all the steps in this tutorial, as well as the screenshots assume that you are working in Design mode. If you do not switch to Design mode, you might get confused later when Dreamweaver does not behave the way I describe. Note: if, in the future, when you’ve completed this tutorial series, and you want to restore the “Split” mode, just click “View Code and Design” from the menu.

The screen layout will automatically revert to what you saw earlier. So fear not. You can easily restore everything back to its original condition. But for now, please switch to the Design mode. Before we continue to replace the default text on the page with your real web page content, it’s important to understand the basic principles behind what you’ll be doing.

The first page that you’ll be designing is your website’s “home page”. The home page of a website is basically its main page. It is the page that your visitors arrive at if they simply type the domain name of your site. For example, if you type “thesitewizard. In terms of function, the home page of a website is similar to a combination of the front cover of a magazine and its contents page. Like the front cover of a magazine, your home page should give your visitors an idea of the sort of things that can be found on your site.

And like a magazine’s “Contents” page, it should provide links to important pages or sections on your site so that your visitors can get to whatever they’re looking for on your website. So what does this mean in practical terms? If your website is one that sells products and services, you may want your home page to mention your most important products and services, as well as link to individual product description pages where visitors can find more information and place an order.

Even if you are just creating a personal website, or a hobby website, you should still try to give your visitors an idea of the sort of things they can expect to find on your website.

Let’s familiarise ourselves with the default page that Dreamweaver has created for you. The web page is currently filled with some placeholder text that you will be replacing with your own content.

If the default text looks suspiciously like instructions written in technical jargon, it’s because it really is a bunch of technical instructions. But you needn’t bother trying to decipher it. The parts that are relevant to you will be translated into plain English in this Dreamweaver CS5 tutorial series. Vertically, the page is divided into 2 columns. The left column contains the beginnings of a navigation menu, something similar to what you see on thesitewizard.

The right column is where the bulk of your real content should go, and you’ll be replacing the existing placeholder text later in this chapter. At present, it contains the large-print title, “Instructions”, as well as paragraphs of text interspersed with smaller sub-headings.

Even though it may not be obvious, this rectangle is actually sitting in the corner of a horizontal band cutting across both columns of your web page. The entire top horizontal band is meant for your logo, and you will be working on it in Chapter 2 of this tutorial. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You can do this either by hitting the PgDn key on your keyboard or by dragging the scroll bar on the right of your web page with your mouse.

Notice that there’s another horizontal band spanning the width of your web page at the bottom. This is the footer. You will be customising the text of this footer later in this chapter.

Directly above your web page, in the part of the window that belongs to the Dreamweaver program rather than your page, look for the word “Title” followed by a field that currently contains “Untitled Document” see picture below.

Click your mouse cursor somewhere in the words “Untitled Document”, then use the Delete or Backspace keys on your keyboard to remove the existing text. Replace it with the name of your website. This “title” field is an internal field on your web page. It is not displayed in the body visible portion of your web page. It is shown only in the title bar of the web browser window itself.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, look at the top of your browser window now. Yes, this very moment. Don’t use the scroll bar and don’t scroll to the top of this page in any way. Just glance upwards to the top edge of your web browser. I placed those words into the Title field of this particular web page when I created it.

Although the “Title” field is just an internal field, it is an important part of a web page. Search engines use the content of this field to list your website in search engine results. If you leave your title set at “Untitled Document”, your web page will appear in search engine results as “Untitled Document” rather than “XYZ Company” or whatever name you’ve given your website. Now that you’ve finished replacing the title field, you can start working on the main content of your web page.

Typing text in a Dreamweaver window is similar to typing in any wordprocessor. If you have ever used Microsoft Word or any other word processor, the process is the same.

First replace the visible heading “Instructions” with the name of your website or some other appropriate text, such as “About XYZ Company” or “Welcome to Shakespeare’s Website”. To do this, click your mouse cursor somewhere in the word “Instructions” to place the text cursor on the page. You can then use your arrow keys to move the cursor around, the Delete and Backspace keys to remove existing text, and all the other characters on your keyboard to insert text. After that, move your cursor to the paragraphs and sub-headings below using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by clicking your mouse on the spot you want to change and replace them with the content you want on your home page.

Bear in mind the things I mentioned about what your home page should include in the section above. If you’re at a total loss as to what to write, take a look at the sample block of text below belonging to a fictitious company and use that as a model.

Obviously, you won’t be able to use it literally since your company is unlikely to sell the same things , but it can be adapted to suit your own business. If you’re experiencing writer’s block, many people find it helpful to just type something, even if it sounds utterly mundane.

Once you have something down, you can always go back and refine it as the days go by. Example Co. We have examples of famous literature, not-so-famous pulp fiction, reference books, movie and television DVDs, office furniture, and so on. Our selection of examples is so extensive that we even have examples of examples.

Dreamweaver Site: This is an example of a Dreamweaver site, created using thesitewizard. The tutorial shows you how to create a basic but fully-functional website which you can modify and augment to suit your needs. Mechanical Typewriter: Return to the glorious days of old, where documents have to be typed on paper, and where, if you want multiple copies, you need carbon paper not included.

No electricity or batteries are needed. This machine is powered by your fingers. Don’t worry about changing fonts, making words bigger or smaller, underlining words, putting text in italics or bold, making links, inserting pictures, making sub-headings, and things like that.

For now, just concentrate on getting your words down. Polishing your page to make it look nicer will be taught in the next few chapters. Don’t change anything in the left column and ignore the fact that the left and right columns have uneven heights.

The left column will be dealt with in its own chapter since it relies on you having additional knowledge before you can work on it. When you’ve finished with your content, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the horizontal bar at the bottom, which Dreamweaver calls the footer. Move your mouse over any of the words in the footer and click it once to place your text cursor there.

Replace the existing text with whatever you wish. Many webmasters place a copyright notice in this section. Once you’re satisfied with the changes you’ve made so far , save the page by clicking “File Save As A dialog box, with a title “Save As”, will appear.

Type ” index. Make sure you type it exactly as I mentioned, completely in small letters lowercase with no spaces in the word. Do not use any other name. The name ” Index. HTML “. Use only ” index. Additional information : the name ” index. This is the behaviour you want, since you’re designing your home page.

You are now going to publish your page to your web host. That is to say, you are about to transfer your web page and its associated files to your web host’s computer so that it can be viewed on the Internet. I know that some of you are probably reeling back in horror at the thought, since the page is far from finished.

But there is really no cause for concern here. Since your website is new, and you have not advertised your website’s address called “URL” in webmaster lingo to anyone, no one will even know your website exists. Not even the search engines. As a result, the only one who will see your unfinished web page is you.

As you will discover in time, it’s not that easy to get visitors. The main reason that we’re publishing your page at this time is to allow you to get familiar with all the major stages of the design of a web page: that is, creating a web page involves not only crafting the page, but also involves getting the page from your computer onto your web host’s computer. Once you get this hurdle out of the way, you will have mastered what is one of the largest technical challenges a newcomer is likely to face.

Don’t let this scare you, though; it’s actually quite easy! Another important reason for publishing now is to let you test your design in a web browser when your page is on the Internet.

Even though you can always test your site on your own computer, it’s not the same. It’s possible to make mistakes that don’t show when your page is on your computer, but appear only when it is on the Internet. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. But also many other tutorials are accessible just as easily!

You should come see our Web programming documents. You will find your happiness without trouble! The latest news and especially the best tutorials on your favorite topics, that is why Computer PDF is number 1 for courses and tutorials for download in pdf files – Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.

Download other tutorials for advice on Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. We will do everything to help you! And you dear surfers what you need? It is the main language of the Web. While there are other languages. ITP Project 3 – Dreamweaver Project Objectives You will also learn how to make a website outlining your company s products, location, and contact info. Project Details USC provides its students with. Berdan In earlier versions of dreamweaver web developers attach drop down menus to graphics or hyperlinks by using the behavior box.

This module is very flexible and is used for inserting text, images, tables, hyperlinks, document downloads, and HTML code. Hover the cursor over. Fireworks CS4 is the. Petersburg Office of Training Training dosp. Getting Started Pg. Creating A New Document Pg. Saving Your Document Pg. Toolbars Pg. Formatting Pg. Introduction 2. Access your SharePoint Site 3. Edit Your Home Page 4. Working With Text 5. Inserting Pictures 6. Making Tables. Doesn t matter.

You design the form in another application. Working with Tables in Microsoft Word The purpose of this document is to lead you through the steps of creating, editing and deleting tables and parts of tables. This document follows a tutorial format. Creating a Newsletter with Microsoft Word Frank Schneemann In this assignment we are going to use Microsoft Word to create a newsletter that can be used in your classroom instruction. If you already know.

With Google. The following are the outlines: 1. Start Microsoft Word Describe the Word Screen. EdShare EdShare is a. This manual includes several tutorials. The window opened. This document will take you through the basics of starting Dreamweaver. Contents 1. Introduction 1. Starting Publisher 2. Create a Poster Template 5. Aligning your images and text 7. Apply a background Add text to your poster Add pictures to your poster Add graphs.

Personal Portfolios on Blackboard This handout has four parts: 1. Creating Personal Portfolios p. Creating Personal Artifacts p. Sharing Personal Portfolios p. Downloading Personal. See this. Cascading Style Sheets enable you to easily maintain a consistent look across all the pages of a web site. In addition, they extend the power of HTML. For example, style sheets permit specifying point. Table of Contents Overview Any navigational bar can be. Once you understand how these building blocks work,.

UHR Training Services Student Manual October 1 Logging in to CareWorks Clicking the copyright symbol on the bottom left of the footer takes you to the sign-in screen and then to the control panel. Get a sheet of blank paper and just use a pencil to indicate where the content is going to be positioned. What you can expect. It allows you to create and edit content. Overview In this seminar, you will learn how to create a basic graphic in Illustrator, export that image for web use, and apply it as the background for a section of a web page.

You will use both Adobe. With one single click, you can create a website without any knowledge of. Making a Web Page with Microsoft Publisher The first thing to consider when making a Web page or a Web site is the architecture of the site. How many pages will you have and how will they link to. Tutorial Microsoft Office Excel Introduction: Microsoft Excel is the most widespread program for creating spreadsheets on the market today. Spreadsheets allow you to organize information in rows and.

Click WORD 2. Click Page Layout 3. Click Margins 4. Click Normal 5. Click small arrow in right corner of Paragraph Should. This means that new lines automatically line up with the left margin.

Here s the answer. Email is one of the fastest ways to send promotional. All rights reserved. Microsoft Access handout Access is a relational database program you can use to create and manage large quantities of data. You can use Access to manage anything from a home inventory to a giant. Get help with class projects on a walk-in basis; student learning assistants. Beginner s guide Hello Ready to build a website?

Our easy-to-use software allows to create and customise the style and layout of your site without you having to understand any coding or HTML. In this guide. These are found in the lower left corner of the screen. The most common is the print layout view.

Hold your. With PowerPoint, you can create engaging presentations that can be presented in person, online,. Objective This tutorial is designed for users who are new. Ribbon menu The Ribbon menu system with tabs for various Excel commands. This Ribbon system replaces the traditional menus used with Excel Above the Ribbon in the upper-left corner is the Microsoft. Log in Registration. Search for. Basic tutorial for Dreamweaver CS5. Size: px. Start display at page:. Download “Basic tutorial for Dreamweaver CS5”.

Edmund Butler 6 years ago Views:. Similar documents. Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Inside of the DreamweaverTraining folder, create another folder called More information. In using this tutorial you will learn to design a site More information. For example, More information. Microsoft Word can be used to create documents, brochures, More information.

Note: Please disable any pop More information. The More information. Microsoft Word can be used to create documents, More information.



– Adobe dreamweaver cs5 tutorial pdf free


You can download Dreamweaver from the Creative Cloud apps catalog. You’ll need to sign in with your Adobe ID and password to complete the download. For more information, including how to install older versions or check for updates, see Download your creative cloud apps. For solutions to a “failed to install” error, see Error: “Failed to install” Creative Cloud desktop app. To resolve other download, installation, and update issues, see this download and install troubleshooting guide.

You can download trial versions of any Creative Cloud app from the Creative Cloud apps catalog. You’ll need to sign in with an Adobe ID and password to download a trial.

For detailed instructions, see Download and install a Creative Cloud trial. Read these simple solutions to common Adobe ID and sign in issues to regain access to your account. You can install Dreamweaver and other Creative Cloud apps on up to two computers. If you want to install it on a third computer, you’ll need to deactivate it on one of your previous machines.

Learn more about activating and deactivating Creative Cloud apps. Still need help? Find more download and install solutions. Sign in to your Adobe account.

Under the Password section, select Change for Current Password , and then follow the onscreen instructions. Forgot your password? Learn how to reset it. Follow these update your credit card and billing information. Switching Creative Cloud plans is easy.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to upgrade or change your plan. Converting your trial to a paid membership is easy. Follow these step-by-step instructions to upgrade and start your membership. If you stop your membership, you still have access to Creative Cloud member free benefits and any files you saved to your device. You won’t have access to apps or most services and your cloud storage will be reduced to 2 GB.

Learn how to Cancel your Creative Cloud membership and understand the Adobe subscription terms. Find more account, billing, and plan answers. Learn how to set up an FTP connection between Dreamweaver and your web server. Get help resolving common FTP issues. Learn how to import and export all site settings , including FTP connection settings, from one machine or installation of Dreamweaver to another. Learn how to create several different types of links. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use Bootstrap templates to quickly build a responsive website.

You can get more details about creating Bootstrap documents in this article. This video tutorial teaches you how to use the Device Preview feature. This article provides more details, including prerequisites and supported devices.

Try the solutions in this troubleshooting guide for Device Preview to resolve the issue. Use Real-Time Preview to get the most accurate depiction of what your page will look like in a web browser. Learn more in this article on previewing pages. Read this troubleshooting article if Real-Time Preview does not work in Dreamweaver. Click here to learn how to unblock Dreamweaver’s access to other apps in macOS Restoring the preferences files can often resolve unexpected behavior and errors.

Also, try the solutions in this troubleshooting guide for Dreamweaver , which can help resolve various issues. You could have an issue with the SSH passphrase not being supported while cloning a repository or maybe you’re facing an Xcode popup issue if you’re using a Mac.

Learn how to resolve the SSH passphrase repository cloning issue or work around the Xcode popup. Follow the solutions in this troubleshooting guide to resolve JavaScript errors in Dreamweaver. Try the solutions in this DIY troubleshooting kit to resolve common issues with Dreamweaver. You can install extensions and add-ons for all Creative Cloud apps through the Creative Cloud destop app.

Learn what’s new in Dreamweaver! Get Started Learn the basics and start your first project. Tutorials Find tutorials from novice to expert to help you expand your skills. User Guide Get quick answers and step-by-step instructions. How do I download and install Dreamweaver? Why won’t Dreamweaver install? Can I download a trial copy of Dreamweaver?

How do I retrieve my Adobe ID or password? Can I install Dreamweaver on another computer? Account management. How can I change my password? How can I change my credit card info?

How do I upgrade or change my membership? My trial expires soon. How do I convert it? How do I cancel and what happens to my files? Common tasks. How do I connect to an FTP server? How can I troubleshoot my FTP setup? How do I import or export a site? How do I add links? What is CSS Designer? Responsive websites. How do I design a responsive website? Is Bootstrap supported?

Can I preview my website on a mobile device before I publish it? I’m not able to preview my pages on a device. What’s wrong? How do I preview pages in a browser?

How do I resolve issues related to Real-Time Preview? Common issues. Dreamweaver is not allowed to access other apps in macOS X Dreamweaver is freezing and crashing. How can I fix this? I am facing errors when I use Git in Dreamweaver. I am getting a JavaScript error. What can I do? Is there any documentation to help me troubleshoot my issue? I am missing some add-ons. How do I install them? Community Join the conversation.

Dreamweaver community forum. Popular Dreamweaver subforums. Creative Cloud. Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Animate. Adobe Capture. Adobe Illustrator Draw. Adobe Photoshop Sketch.


Adobe dreamweaver cs5 tutorial pdf free. Download tutorial adobe dreamweaver cs5 bahasa indonesia

This tutorial focuses on the basic steps involved in creating an attractive, functional website. In using this tutorial you will learn to design a site. For a tutorial on working with different Dreamweaver workspaces, are free), join discussion groups, view user ratings and reviews, and install and use.

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