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Dragon Speech Recognition – Get More Done by Voice | Nuance

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– Dragon – The World’s #1 Speech Recognition Software | Nuance UK

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User guides. Dragon Anywhere. Quick start cards. Headset Guides. Handheld Microphone. Additional resources. Administrator guides. Paid online training. Online training courses. What do you think about Dragon NaturallySpeaking? Do you recommend it? Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows.

Softonic review. Kristina Schulz Updated a year ago. Enables you to accomplish more on your computer in less time by talking instead of typing, so you can realise your potential at work, school or home.

Search the Web to find facts, figures and images for inclusion in assignments and documents. Enter frequently used text or graphics into a document with a voice command. Email by dictating, editing and sending messages using your voice.

Speak into a chat client instead of typing. Talk to fill out online applications, registration forms, shopping check-out fields and more. Multitask by interacting with your computer hands-free to fit more in your busy day. Dragon NaturallySpeaking for PC. Dictation Pro 0. Proofread by listening Natural-sounding text-to-speech or audio playback of your own dictations makes proofreading fast and easy. Create documents Create reports, presentations, spreadsheets and more Dictate, edit and format documents using Microsoft and other popular applications — all by voice — and get them done exactly the way you need with custom word lists and commands like: “Start Microsoft Word” “Set font size to 18 points” “Spell that K-A-T-H-R-Y-N” You can even create custom commands for frequently used text and graphics.

Open a new window. Web search Search and surf the web Use your voice to search the web or specific websites for facts, figures, directions, images for inclusion in assignments and documents and more, with commands like: “Search Google for Italian restaurants in San Francisco” “Open top site for local weather forecast” “Search video for JFK inaugural address”.

See what Dragon fans are saying. I regularly produce detailed reports for clients. Dragon allows me to focus on my thoughts while it does the typing. It writes the report faster than I can, and the content is richer as a result. The software saved my career as a writer and editor after I developed tendinitis in both arms. I’ve used some version of Dragon since It allows me to write faster and more accurately than virtually anyone could by hand.

I use Dragon for just about anything that requires typing. I use it for spreadsheets, Word documents, creating emails, filling in forms and, most recently, to do my typing in an online class. Email and calendar Control your email and calendar Dictate, edit and send messages with your favourite web-based email accounts and check class schedules, client meetings, children’s activities and other appointments in your calendar with voice commands like: “Click Compose” “Click Reply” “Schedule an appointment with John Smith”.

Social and chat Keep up with your social networks and IM chat messages Use your voice to update and check your Facebook and Twitter status and pages, plus communicate with friends, colleagues and peers via chat clients with commands like: “Post to Facebook ‘Looking forward to poker tonight'” “Post to Twitter ‘Is anyone looking for Giants tickets to tonight’s game [question mark]'”.

Dictation Dictate 3x faster than you can type and in more places Dictate text anywhere you would normally type within popular applications, and proofread with natural-sounding text-to-speech and audio playback. Additional functions include: — Support for mobile dictation — transcribe notes captured on a digital voice recorder or smartphone — Talk to fill out online applications, registration forms, shopping check-out fields and more.

System Requirements. Dragon will never leave you speechless.


Dragon Speech Recognition | Nuance.

Pretty much load it, spend a few minutes training and I was up and running. Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice. Email friends and family by dictating, editing and sending messages with Microsoft Outlook, or with Gmail—the most popular web-based email application. The interface is reduced to a small bar from which you can access all the main tools and functions: dictation, reading text aloud, improving accuracy, managing commands and vocabulary Try this instead.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking – Download.

Enhanced intuitive design and helpful tutorials make it easy to get started and easy to master working with Dragon. Dragon Professional Anywhere. Access resources. Open a new window. Watch demo to see how to create an email. Ready to purchase Need help?


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