Ivomec 50 ml

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IVOMEC Classic Injection for Cattle and Sheep is indicated for the effective treatment and control of the following parasites of sheep and cattle: Inhibited CATTLE PARASITE Adult L4 L4 Gastrointestinal Roundworms: Ostertagia lyrata • • Ostertagia ostertagi • • • Cooperia oncophora • • Cooperia pectinata • • Cooperia punctata • • Haemonchus placei • • Trichostrongylus axei • • Trichostrongylus colubriformis • • Bunostomum phlebotomum • • Oesophagostomum radiatum • • Strongyloides papillosus • Nematodirus helvetianus • Nematodirus spathiger • Trichuris spp. • Lungworms: Dictyocaulus viviparus • • Eye Worms: Thelazia spp. • Immature Adult Stages Warbles: Hypoderma bovis • H. lineatum • Mange Mites: Psoroptes bovis • • Sarcoptes scabiei var. bovis • • Sucking Lice: Linognathus vituli • • Haematopinus eurysternus • • Solenopotes capillatus • • IVOMEC Classic Injection for Cattle and Sheep may also be used as an aid in the control of biting lice (Damalinia bovis) and the mange mite (Chorioptes bovis), but complete elimination may not occur. Persistent Activity in Cattle: When cattle have to graze on pasture contaminated with infective larvae of cattle nematodes, treatment with IVOMEC Classic Injection for Cattle and Sheep at the recommended dose rate of 1ml per 50kg bodyweight controls re-infection with the following parasites of cattle: Prolonged Activity Dictyocaulus viviparus up to 28 days Ostertagia ostertagi up to 21 days Oesophagostomum radiatum up to 21 days Cooperia spp. up to 14 days Trichostrongylus axei up to 14 days Haemonchus placei up to 14 days To obtain optimal benefit from the persistent activity of IVOMEC Classic Injection for Cattle and Sheep for grazing animals, it is recommended that calves which are set-stocked in the first grazing season should be treated 3, 8 and 13 weeks after the day of turn-out. This can protect the animals from parasitic gastro-enteritis and lungworm disease throughout the grazing season, provided they are set-stocked, all the calves are included in the programme and that no untreated cattle are added to the pasture. Treated animals should always be monitored according to good husbandry practices. Inhibited SHEEP PARASITE Adult L4 L4 Gastrointestinal Roundworms: Ostertagia circumcincta • • • O. trifurcata • • Haemonchus contortus • • • Trichostrongylus axei • T. colubriformis • • T. vitrinus • Cooperia curticei • • Oesophagostomum columbianum • • O. venulosum • Nematodirus filicollis • • Chabertia ovina • • Trichuris ovis • Lungworms: Dictyocaulus filaria • • Protostrongylus rufescens • Immature Adult Stages Nasal Bots: Oestrus ovis • Mange Mites: Psoroptes ovis • • For the treatment and control of sheep scab Psoroptes ovis, two injections with a seven-day interval are required to treat clinical signs of scab and to eliminate mites. Benzimidazole-resistant strains of Haemonchus contortus and Ostertagia circumcincta are also controlled.


IVOMEC Classic Injection for Cattle and Sheep should be given only by subcutaneous injection, using aseptic precautions, at the recommended dosage level of 200 mcg ivermectin per kg bodyweight under the loose skin in front of, or behind, the shoulder in cattle and in the neck in sheep. To ensure administration of a correct dose, bodyweight should be determined as accurately as possible; accuracy of the dosing device should be checked. When treating sheep of less than 16kg, seek veterinary advice regarding the use of 1 ml disposable syringes graduated in increments of 0.1 ml. For the treatment of individual sheep, a syringe not exceeding 2.0 ml and calibrated in increments of 0.1 ml should be used. Each ml contains 10 mg of ivermectin sufficient to treat 50 kg of bodyweight of cattle and sheep. The injection may be given with any standard automatic or single-dose or hypodermic syringe. Use of a sterile 17 gauge × ½ inch needle is suggested. Replace with a fresh sterile needle after every 10 to 12 animals. Injection of wet or dirty animals is not recommended.

Use this chart as a guide in working out the appropriate dose rate for Ivomec Classic Injection for Cattle and Sheep:
CATTLE (1ml/50kg)SHEEP (0.5ml/25kg)
Bodyweight (kg)Dose Volume (ml)Bodyweight (kg)Dose Volume (ml)
Up to 501.0Up to 50.1
For cattle weighing over 400kg calculate the dose at the rate of 1ml per 50kg bodyweight.For sheep weighing over 100kg calculate the dose at the rate of 0.5ml per 25kg bodyweight.


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