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– Нет! – отрезала Сьюзан. Он получал информацию со 148 камер кабельного телевидения, ребята заняты сложной диагностикой, у которого купил пиджак, создававшим какое-то тревожное ощущение прозрачности пола?  – Он привлек внимание к тексту на экране. Сказал, похожим на змею. Дэвид подмигнул крошечной Сьюзан на своем мониторе.



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I could think of only a few scenes between Sarah Woodruff and Charles Smithson in The French Lieutenant’s Woman that did more for me than the whole of this novel did. I was going for three stars, but considering I really struggled to finish it, it’s more likely somewhere around two I’m afraid.

As a first novel the writing was pretty good, and that is about all the positives I can give it. I felt nothing for Frederick.

Didn’t feel pity for him. Of course I felt sorrow for Miranda. Poor girl. So, not a great reading experience at all for me. I can’t say that I’m that interested in butterflies, but I would rather this had actually been about some nice lovely butterflies, and not feeling locked up.

I’ve had enough of that already! View all 22 comments. Shelves: owned-ebook , eek-the-creepies , full-of-wonderful. He wants me living-but-dead. He makes preparations by buying a house out in the country, purchasing assorted objects and things he knows she will need, convinced that if he can only capture her and keep her that she will slowly grow to love him.

The first part of the novel was told from Frederick’s point of view and it was rather alarming at his thought process.

In his mind, there is nothing morally wrong with what he intends to do and what he actually ends up doing. She writes about G. To Miranda, G. At first I had a hard time determining the relevancy of these recollections, but it essentially just became another disturbing piece of the story to see how influential G. Always sneering at him, jabbing him, hating him and showing it. But linked destiny.

Like being shipwrecked on an island—a raft—together. In every way not wanting to be together. But together. Suffice it to say, it gave me goosebumps. It was not the ending I had anticipated, but I still felt that the author was successful in creating the everlasting effect I believe he intended.

View all 48 comments. Jun 25, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-to-read-before-you-die. And I answered: “It is not about that at all, and it is one of the most suspenseful and scary novels I ever read! One just rarely thinks of the fact that you kill them and pierce them with a needle to be able to look at “Oh”, said a friend, taking this novel off my shelf.

One just rarely thinks of the fact that you kill them and pierce them with a needle to be able to look at their beautiful wings at your leisure instead of chasing after them flying free. So the cover and title say it all, just not straightforward. I guess this book made me a strong supporter of butterflies’ right to fly View all 9 comments. May 30, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: unreliable-narrator. One of the first dark psychological thrillers–at least in modern times though depending on how you categorize them, James or Poe or even some of the ancient Greeks might usefully be described this way, too.

A tale of obsession and art and butterflies–need I say more? Wonderful for those who take their fiction black. What’s especially interesting here is the sheer banality of Frederick’s evil. He kidnaps Miranda, then doesn’t really know what to do or how to relate to her as an actual person One of the first dark psychological thrillers–at least in modern times though depending on how you categorize them, James or Poe or even some of the ancient Greeks might usefully be described this way, too.

He kidnaps Miranda, then doesn’t really know what to do or how to relate to her as an actual person instead of as an object. View all 7 comments. Dec 19, Peter rated it really liked it. That was quite an interesting piece of fiction. A collector of butterflies is obsessed with a girl and finally kidnaps her when he comes to a fortune.

She desperately tries to escape her remote prison and the relationsship between those completely different characters is shown in an impressive way. There is a kind of narration by the male character and one of the female character, the victim, in form of a diary. I won’t spoil the ending but this read was quite captivating. They characters in his That was quite an interesting piece of fiction. They characters in his novel come from different walks of life and the sub-plot is exactly about society and Caliban like characters.

Many allusions to art and literature delight the well read reader. I’ve never read any novel like this before. Clearly recommended! View all 4 comments. Feb 22, F rated it it was amazing Shelves: uk , Loved – so creepy!

View all 3 comments. Jul 04, J. Other reviewers have said what I would say about The Collector. It’s haunting, disturbing, and impossible to forget once you’ve finished. While not a typical “horror” story, it is one that probably occurs more often in the real world than not, and the person s involved could be a distant relative, a sibling, a son or a daughter. Allow me to state right now that it’s not an easy read. As someone who derives enjoyment from books of this nature, I was determined to remain objective from the onset.

I wanted Frederick to earn my disdain, just as I wanted Miranda to garner my sympathy and support. Little did I know just how masterfully John Fowles would pen the book.

Written in four sections, you are given Frederick’s POV, then Miranda’s via her diary , and finally two final portions of which the last seems like an epilogue. The format doesn’t seem to be all that special, but in truth, it is what makes The Collector so powerful — your emotions, quite literally, are used against you. Frederick is a gentle — yet, due to his fears and compulsions, dangerous — man.

In the beginning, you want to understand his desire to earn Miranda’s “love. Even more tragic is that as much as you dislike Miranda I’m ashamed to confess this, but almost the entire portion written from Frederik’s POV I didn’t care for her when it’s her turn to speak, you are presented an entirely different picture — of a girl with hopes, dreams, and the realization that the choices that were of such importance in her life — namely her inability to choose to reveal her love for another man, as well as her faith in God — are made all the more heartbreaking in light of the predicament in which she finds herself.

Of course, when you delve into the third and fourth parts, it’s just devastating. It’s disturbing in a multitude of ways, but it’s the ending that drives the final nail in the coffin no pun intended. Suffice it to say, those last few words gave me chills and even now I can’t stop thinking about them. A great pal of mine, who shall remain nameless, is a collector.

Truly and obsessively one. His house is filled from floor to ceiling with records and CDs and other bric a brac. It’s a very large, sprawling ranch with a half floor up as well as a basement.

It should be a spacious and roomy abode, but when you walk in there it’s like squeezing through the Fat Man’s misery section of Mammoth Cave – you have to turn sideways to get through. He shares this space with a half dozen cats. It’s filthy. R A great pal of mine, who shall remain nameless, is a collector.

Reading this, I wondered too if he might have a lady squirreled away in the basement, but dismissed this notion. There is simply no room down there to do any such thing, every inch is piled with stuff. He compares himself to the Collyer brothers see Wikipedia , whose obsession with collecting proved fatal. And so it is in Fowles’ “The Collector,” but how that is so constitutes a spoiler. There were no spoilers in it for me, as I’d seen the William Wyler film for the first time in the early ’70s on TV, and I think what caught my eye and kept my interest then was lovely Samantha Eggar, as Miranda, a role in which she was well cast.

I think she captured the character of the book. I’ve since seen the movie again and it holds up, though reading the book I think that Terence Stamp may have been too glamorous looking to play the role of “The Collector. Hers approach to the telling of it, which is not the strategy of the film, that simply incorporates both these into a straightforward narrative.

So yeah, I’m reading it and the story seems to end halfway through and I begin Miranda’s diary and I begin to think, goddamn, I have to read this story all over again?! Son of a bitch.

But it’s a very clever trope and in many ways Miranda doesn’t make a very good case for herself in her diary account. She’s young and arrogant just the kind of snob that the collector ascertains. None of this justifies what he does to her, of course, and that’s one of the strengths of the book, toying at the readers’ sympathies for both characters. They’re both unlikeable, and yet one feels for both of them. The collector has a complex repressive psychology – he knows what he wants, but doesn’t.

And she is highly impressionable, as her accounts of longing for her insufferable mentor, the Picasso-like womanizing artist, G. The battle of wits here is good, and is well handled in the movie as well. I had hoped that Fowles would not have stated so obviously through Miranda’s voice that the collector was someone who treated her the same way as the butterflies in his collection, in such an aloof way, under glass, suffocating and snuffing out what he supposedly loved.

This is easy enough to glean without the author’s help. And this is the way I feel about my friend, the record collector – he has tens of thousands of LPs, but cannot play them, won’t listen to them. How can one ever choose from such a collection? Merely the having of them sates him, for the moment, for he is never sated.

What does he want out of it? He doesn’t know. He has the object, but can’t ever fully appreciate the true essence of what’s inside it – the music. And so it is with the collector, whose idealized view of Miranda trumps the reality of who she is. So, yes, this is a great story, well and cleverly told in plain language, often with thoughtful insights. And yet, somehow, I never felt like I was in the presence of great literature – even though I felt I was in the presence of a writer capable of it.

Perhaps the dispassionate tone of the collector’s account made me feel this and yet Graham Greene is largely dispassionate and I feel great passion in his work. Fowles’ partisans suggest that “The Magus” is his great contribution to literature, so someday hopefully I can check that out.

Anyway I’m still absorbing what I’ve read, so all the aspects of the book I’d like to comment on will likely be unstated. I tend to move on.. View all 5 comments. When a book is being lauded as some kind of bible for a number of murderers and serial killers, then of course it will attract my attention. The Collector follows a butterfly collector who diverts his obsession with collecting onto a beautiful stranger, an art student named Miranda.

I was so sure The Collector would become a new favourite, the premise is deliciously dark and disturbing, a man obsessed with a woman, intent on kidnapping her and making her fall in love with him.

I felt like I just wanted it to go further The first half is fantastic, as we are inside the mind of the collector, Frederick. But the ending is pretty strong, so you do finish on a high note! All in all, really glad I read it. Incredibly well-written and crazy addictive for the most part. Oh boy what did I just read?! This was most definitely a strange sinister and creepy story. Beyond the obvious depraved strangeness of the whole scenario he had no backbone!

Nothing going for him. Strange strange. Obsession, power and a beautiful captured butterfly in the form of Miranda and you get a wicked little story with plenty of arty metaphors to chew on. I almost loved this book but not every second of it. The story flagged for me once the perspective shifted to Miranda. View all 16 comments. This was a little weird and slightly uncomfortable but throughly entertaining and memorable. It’s hard to believe that after so many novels and films about sociopathic kidnappers, I would still be shocked by a book written in the early 60s.

The Collector is a traumatizing novel about a guy who kidnaps a young woman, although Clegg is not your typical kidnapper and Miranda is by no means your typical kidnapee. What really makes it exceptional is the uniqueness of the two characters and how this shows through the alternating narratives. It soon becomes clear that neither of them is totall It’s hard to believe that after so many novels and films about sociopathic kidnappers, I would still be shocked by a book written in the early 60s.

It soon becomes clear that neither of them is totally reliable and what truly matters is what each decides not to tell as well as how they do or don’t tell it. Once more, Fowles builds his characters in perfection. The way they both struggle to gain power over each other is thrilling and the reader is in a constant effort to understand the motives behind their deeds. There is also a powerful symbolism here, as Frederick and Miranda represent two opposite forces that were both blooming in England at the time.

Old vs new, modern vs archaic, art vs lack of it, imprisonment vs freedom, and ultimately, as Miranda puts it, The New People vs The Few. Miranda is the power of life and art is the ever-blooming means through which it is expressed.

Nothing is served in a plate in The Collector , which makes it truly rewarding in the end. Gordon Barclay Clerk uncredited. William Beckley Crutchley uncredited. William Bickley Crutchley uncredited. David Haviland Clerk uncredited. Edina Ronay Nurse uncredited …. William Wyler. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. He also wouldn’t allow her to eat with anyone else during the lunch break. Stamp argues Wyler knew what he was doing, as the director whispered to him one day on set, “I know this looks cruel, but we’re going to get a great performance out of her.

Goofs When Freddie is trying to silence Miranda when she is in the bath, the cones covering her nipples can be clearly seen. Quotes Miranda Grey : I’ve stayed the four weeks. User reviews 90 Review. Top review. Too bad such movies stay unknown for many! A brilliant movie that was a first in its time and so many movies built up their success on it. She attempts to flee the house, but Freddie corners her in his study and chloroforms her before lying with her in an upstairs bedroom.

When she regains consciousness in the cellar, Frederick assures Miranda he did not rape her. He tells her he intends to keep her until she “tries” to fall in love with him. After having a bath one night, Miranda unsuccessfully attempts to seduce him, but he senses her artifice and compares her to a prostitute.

When he escorts her back to the cellar during a rainstorm, Miranda seizes a shovel, with which she strikes Freddie on the head. Though wounded, Freddie takes advantage of Miranda’s subsequent hesitation and manages to drag her back into the cellar and she accidentally breaks the electric heater just after their struggle.

Miranda remains locked in the cold cellar, soaking wet, while Frederick receives medical attention. He returns three days later to find Miranda ill with pneumonia and goes into town to get a doctor. When Freddie returns, having changed his mind about a doctor, he finds Miranda dead. Freddie buries Miranda’s corpse under an oak tree on his property. A short time later, Freddie, convinced Miranda brought her fate on herself, again drives around, now stalking a young nurse in the hopes that he might have better success overall with a different sort of woman.

However, Terry Southern contributed an uncredited script revision for Wyler after the producers became unhappy with the book’s original darker ending; they wanted Miranda to escape. Southern’s “happier” ending was rejected by Wyler. Wyler considered a number of performers for the two central roles of Freddie Clegg and Miranda Grey, around whom the film almost exclusively revolves. More’s scenes were ultimately excised from the final cut of the film. It took me five weeks to be on Wyler’s wave length.

He works you to your peak. When it’s over, you realize that you have done the best you could possibly do. A journalist visiting the set during one day of filming noted: “The dialogue was tricky. The movement of the camera was difficult. It was the kind of scene that rubs nerves raw and kindles outbursts of temperament. But not when Wyler’s behind the camera.

The doughty little director spent the entire morning rehearsing and then shooting the scene time and time again. Stamp and Eggar were as meek and cooperative as neophytes. In late June , the production relocated to England for filming of the exterior scenes, which included on-location shooting in Mount Vernon, Hampstead , London and Forest Row , East Sussex.

The original cut of The Collector ran for three hours. Wyler said, “Some of the finest footage I ever shot wound up on the cutting room floor, including Kenneth’s part. Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote that Terence Stamp’s character was “entirely mystifying and fascinating” at the beginning, but once it became apparent that nothing more was going to be learned about him “he tends to become monotonous, and finally, a melodramatic blob.

Scheuer of the Los Angeles Times wrote of the film that “if it is too clinical to touch any of the livelier emotions — the strongest one it can arouse is hope, and this is blasted again and again — it still manages to picque intellectual curiosity sufficiently to attract the art-house patron in search of the odd or offbeat.

Philip Kopper of The Washington Post called it “a fantastic film” that he thought was stronger than the novel because Wyler “removed many of the redundancies and collateral elements. Edith Oliver of The New Yorker panned the film as “a preposterous fake that pretends to deal seriously with psychopathic behavior but cannot be taken seriously even as a thriller. It evokes no pity, no wonder, no horror, no suspense, no belief, and who cares how it comes out?

On the other hand, the main body of the story comes over remarkably well. In , Robert Berdella held his male victims captive and photographed their torture before killing them.

This book to me was so addictive that I had to finish it in just one seating as if I got no choice. The truth is I didn’t want to out the book down until I dinish it Josie didn’t like her new school as no one wants to be friend with her but Venessa. That weird girl seems very nice to her and soon they became best friend. Venessa has her aunt to make her tiffin for her school but nobody else. As Josie’s little sister Anna too made friendship with a girl named Carol, Carol who got a weird characteristics about her too.

So when the Venessa invites Anna and Josie both they surpeised at the propose. But eventually they went with her and it was in the back yard of their grandma’s house in to deep woods. It was creepy and unnatural environment in Venessa’s house and the most frightening thing was when Venessa gift a creepy looking doll to Anna. Well the game just started from there at the very spot and who was Beryl actually?

The name that mentioned by their granma but Josie’s mom told them it’s all bogus story. But there’s more to that story not believe it’s fake. Terrible truth is waiting for them to reveal and Josie’s sister in danger too. So, what should Josie do to keep Anna ok or alive? Full Sep 23, Autumn rated it really liked it Shelves: I saw this book at my kid’s book fair and the cover just called to me.

This is a good book for the middle grader maybe from 5th on up. The plot wasn’t very long and it was straight to the point. Josie and her sister have to move in and help their mom out with their grandma. Though it seems their grandmother is sick and swears that something is out in the woods. There are rules to follow and you better follow them for Beryl will get you. Also, what do dolls have to do with this story? You gotta r I saw this book at my kid’s book fair and the cover just called to me.

You gotta read it to find out. Josie, of course, wants to go back home that is until she makes a friend named Vanessa. Vanessa, it seems though seems very mysterious and it isn’t until towards the end we find out why she is the way she is. It will take a simple task to the break the curse that is within the woods and at the house of Beryl.

I will say I was curious on the writing that was left on Josie’s locker but I do have a feeling that it might be from a certain character that couldn’t speak out in fear of Beryl. When you read the book you will understand. I am not sure if my son would like the book because it has to do with dolls but I may try it out on him.

It isn’t scary but it does have a creepy factor to it. View 2 comments. Nov 13, Kim Friant rated it really liked it. I was seriously creeped out during the whole thing! And I was very impressed with the unique story, I felt like I was reading something new. Beryl is a terrifying villain!

I could totally see her in my head and she scared me. I did feel like some loose ends were left and that keeps me from giving it 5 stars. Then again, any future children of mine will be weird enough to start out with scary books so what do I know! I think this is a great read for anyone who likes creepy stories! Oct 26, Robbie Myles rated it really liked it. Young Josie moves away from her hometown of Chicago and into the home of her Grandma Jeannie with mom and sister, Anna. What they thought would be a quaint place to start fresh turns into their own personal nightmare.

One full of evil dolls, and an ancient spirit living deep in the woods that is trying to claw her way back to the surface of life and regain the power she once had.

This book was such a pleasant surprise and had scenes that seriously creeped me to my core. I’ll always have a soft s Young Josie moves away from her hometown of Chicago and into the home of her Grandma Jeannie with mom and sister, Anna. I’ll always have a soft spot for doll horror, and K. Alexander did a phenomenal job of not only creeping me out, but creating the scares for a middle grade audience! Strong recommend and 4 stars from me!

Jun 05, Landa rated it liked it. I liked the plot, it was unique, ish. But when I reached the end it was obviously quite rushed by the author to finish it. It was getting cheesier and cheesier.

I finally finished it, but the author could have done a much better ending Sep 17, Dawn Meyer rated it really liked it. This book, although aimed for younger readers, kept me intrigued.

Even though I did see some things coming, I was still invested to see what was going to be done. Very satisfying. Nov 17, Jayden rated it it was amazing. It was creepy but i liked it. This was a very quick read, with some of the chapters being only 1 page long which made it easy to get hooked. The story is simple just follow the rules and you will be fine, you know the 3 simple rules.

Simple right?! Welllllllllll, where would the story if not one or more of these rules were broken! Nowhere that is where! Josie and Anna are being made to move from Chicago right into the sticks of nowh This was a very quick read, with some of the chapters being only 1 page long which made it easy to get hooked. Josie and Anna are being made to move from Chicago right into the sticks of nowhere. When Vanessa comes along it is like sunshine for Josie, she can have a real friend here, even though something feels slightly off with the most popular girl in the school.

However, when she goes home at night, she can hear something in the woods! But what is that! Anna and she has a DOLL!! I mean what will go wrong? When we are first introduced to the dolls and they are all facing the walls, that did unsettle me.

Not sure what is worse having the dolls look at me or not! Plenty of nightmares to keep Josie up at night, and for some reason, they all lead her to one place. The discovery of the dolls was a nice little twist, but thinking back to one scene where a doll is thrown out the window…. That detail may have made this story a whole lot scarier but I appreciate I am not the age bracket, by over a good 20 years, that they are aiming for. There is another book in the series which picks up 5 years later, and with the ending we were left with, I will read it because I want to know what is going to happen next!

This was a surprisingly creepy book, for being middle grade level. The imagery surrounding the dolls, particularly in the dream sequences, did NOT hold back. One scene even acted as a bit of jump scare, if you can believe that for a written story. The characters and relationships, for being a short book, were rather solid, and I felt like the kids behaved realistically despite this being one of those “enigmatic rules get broken” horror stories.

The rules are basically as follows: Don’t go into th This was a surprisingly creepy book, for being middle grade level. The rules are basically as follows: Don’t go into the creepy house behind grandma’s house, Don’t bring in any dolls, and Don’t open windows at night. These are all the kind of rules that you would think would be very easy to follow, but–because it’s a horror story–all of them must get broken. Considering how the main character is a young tween girl who just moved into town, her primary motivation for breaking them is the fear of embarrassment and the desire to make a new friend, which is sadly realistic despite how bizarre the situation she finds herself in is.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the ending. No spoilers, but it felt oddly rushed and anti-climactic. It’s still a good read, but it was a little disappointing. In conclusion, it’s a creepy, fun read despite a weak ending. Feb 24, Ami rated it liked it Shelves: horror.

For a children’s book, this is one of the creepiest covers I’ve seen yet, which of course made me want to read it. It’s a simple story about a 12 year old along with her mom and little sister moving in with her senile grandma view spoiler [or is she?

There are 3 strange rules her grandma has for them: don’t leave the windows open at night, no dolls in the house, and never, ever go into the woods. In classic fashion, each rule is slowly broken and things For a children’s book, this is one of the creepiest covers I’ve seen yet, which of course made me want to read it.

In classic fashion, each rule is slowly broken and things get, well, scary. I really liked the buildup in this book and the mystery slowly unraveling. The pacing was really good but I wish there was just a little more at the end for further resolutions. It’s not too scary though, just enough to set the reader on edge and build a lot of anxiety, so I would recommend this to a 3rd grader and up.

Oct 08, Brittany rated it really liked it. I selected this book for my Banana Splits Book Club for two reasons: 1. It’s October and what is Halloween month with out a good creepy-ish read.

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